Clinical Anatomy

The Centre for Clinical Anatomy at the Institute of Anatomy of the University of Bern was founded by Prof. Dr. med. Valentin Djonov and PD Dr. med. Mathias Bergmann in 2010. It is considered to be the first of its kind in Switzerland to offer medical training courses and advanced education in close cooperation with anatomists and clinicians.

Prof. Dr. med. Valentin Djonov, Chair Institute of Anatomy.

Contact and Administration:
Nane Boemke, Head of the Body donation program and organization Clinical anatomy.

Technical Staff:
Hans Grossmann, Prosector.



The progress in medical sciences and health care professions require specialized anatomical knowledge. Clinical anatomy endeavours to meet the international demands for postgraduate and continuing education by providing: clinically oriented lectures and demonstrations of specifically dissected anatomical specimens, hands-on workshops, professional surgical training courses, anatomical specimens for research purposes.

Main Topics

Courses in emergency medicine, infiltration courses, HNO/ORL courses (ear and paranasal sinus), bronchoscopy, orthopaedics (access paths, joint replacement), plastic-reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery (craniotomy), gynaecology, vascular surgery (shunt course) In cooperation with Swissendos: gynaecological endocscopy, arthroscopy (knee, shoulder), spine surgery (kyphoplasty), pelvic floor surgery, bariatric surgery, colorectal surgery, hernia surgery, urological surgery (prostatectomy).


Education for medical doctors and health care professionals, instructional courses for medical technology and engineering students, training courses for specific surgical procedures, development and testing of surgical instruments and implants.

Scientific collection of anatomical specimens, pre-dissected anatomical specimens for demonstration, dissection halls, operating theatre with operating tables and lighting. Full HD-Video-Camera with transmission to plasma screens, conference rooms with multimedia equipment, mobile X-ray equipment (C-arm) by request, macroscopic laboratory with digital photography.

Use CT and MRI (contact: Prof. Dr. med. Christian Jackowski, Director IRM, Tel.: +41 31 631 84 12).

Specimen by Thiel-fixation (Thiel W.: Die Konservierung ganzer Leichen in natürlichen Farben. Ann Anat 1992; 174: 185-95 and Thiel W.: Ergänzung für die Konservierung ganzer Leichen nach W. Thiel. Ann Anat 2002; 184: 267-9) Picture by Peter Lüthi, Swissendos: Advanced Course in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery 11.-12.11.2009. Using the Thiel embalming technique the color, consistency and transparency of the tissue is very well preserved, so far like in vivo. The utilisation of this fixation method is useful for training of (new) surgery techniques.